Telecommunications, topic documents, accounts, financing agreements, and other information of your own Division from Extension and you may Industry, 1932-59

Telecommunications, topic documents, accounts, financing agreements, and other information of your own Division from Extension and you may Industry, 1932-59

Textual Info (inside Kansas Urban area): Decimal correspondence, 1926- 70. Monthly narrative reports, 1950-56. Interaction that have businesses and you will colleges, 1935-56. Report about Great Ponds Chippewa, 1936. Check and you can investigative records, 1950-55. Forestry, sawmill, and grazing records; correspondence; and you will contracts, 1931-61. Yellow River fisheries annual accounts, 1937-54. Red River sawmill telecommunications, 1935-forty eight. Blister corrosion reports, 1933-60. Report business agreements, 1928-42. Menominee Indian Mills import data files, 1961. Menominee Garment Facility suggestions, 1949-56. Huge Portage People correspondence, 1950-58. Individual Indian money (IIM) ledger sheet sets, 1954. Custody certificates, n.d. Scholarship scholar circumstances records, 1960-71. Legal of Claims situation 44304 (Menominee) ideas, 1887-1961. Building and you will utilities survey files, letter.d. Personal functions quantitative documents, n.d. A career assistance case data, 1958-64. Mature knowledge system files, 1947-67. Tribal council times, 1946-54.

Textual Ideas (into the Fort Worthy of): Gas and oil book records, 1910- 57. Topic document of your Passion Department, 1949-58. Subject data files of your A position Direction Part, 1958-66. Work guidelines case data files, 1958-66. Credit operations declaration data, 1916-54.

Credit financing background situation data files, 1945-65

Textual Details (during the Denver): Suggestions of your Part off Legislation and you may Order, 1949-64. System objective data, 1956-63. Communication and you will profile regarding the Residential property Surgery Department, 1929-57. Grazing it allows and you may diversity records, 1953-58. Sheer resource administration preparations, 1930-56. Tribal arrangement, communication, and you can topic records, 1942-66. South Paiute tribal enrollment instance data, 1969-71. Deals, guidelines, and you can plans out-of operations with the Colorado Lake, Hopi, Vegas, Papago, Pima, San Carlos, or other agencies, 1941-63. Yearly forestry and you may grazing account, which have interfiled charts, 1942-56. System purpose data according to tribal innovation, 1936-65. Forestry Department correspondence, 1929-57. Handle registers and you will product ledger records, 1962-65.Long-range invention agreements and program information, 1954-69. Path structure methods, 1957-67. Borrowing procedures reports, 1936-69. Credit history communication, 1943-63. Wood sales contracts and you may associated details, 1946-67. Borrowing from the bank financial help data files, 1941-65. Individual Indian currency ledgers, 1930-58, 1965-66. System goal communications, 1947-77. Annual extension profile and you may agreements, 1950-67. Program administration files, 1957-65. Legislation and you may purchase facts, 1945-64. Employment direction instance data, 1964-69. Work Corps opportunity data files, 1963-68.

Yearly budget rates getting Pima Indian College or university and Service, 1915-17

Textual Suggestions (into the Los angeles): Area Director’s subject documents, 1947-49. Telecommunications, 1896-1977. Main topic files, 1937-74. More subject documents, 1916-42. Telecommunications of one’s Superintendent off Construction, 1933-40. Topic files per construction, 1933-37. Construction team documents, 1934-39. Annual advancing years money account of design teams, 1947-fifty. Circumstances documents of the Department out-of Studies, 1933-thirty six. payday loans Pennsylvania Communications, reports, ledgers, budget quotes, or other suggestions of your Department away from Irrigation, 1907-57. Irrigation liquids legal rights, 1850-1986. Liquids liberties training, 1926-85. Irrigation records, 1909-85. Central topic data, assets and you can homes acquisition project records, or any other details of one’s Department away from Land Procedures, 1935-sixty. Land exchange records, 1937-92;property reports, 1952-72; and you can land explore and you will advancement plans, 1960-86. Book files, 1945-72. Assessment profile and you can possessions research sheet sets of your own Department off Actual Home, 1959-72.Program communication of your own Construction Department, 1970-72. Interaction, account, or any other details of your Branch out-of Crushed Preservation, 1936-54. Telecommunications, central topic data files, account, and other suggestions of your Forestry and Grazing Office, 1927-52. Fort Apache wood administration, 1931-71. Wood selling agreements, 1994. Providers creativity files, 1973. Apprenticeship system software data, california. 1969-72. Individual shell out cards, ca. 1930-thirty-two. Manager cards, california. 1933-41. Work software notes, california. 1931-42, that have indexes. Annual business report documents, 1968. Borrowing from the bank Functions accounts, 1969. A career direction give ledgers, 1966-75; and you may situation records, 1963-75. Interaction, topic files, or any other details of Indian Crisis Maintenance Functions while the Civil Preservation Corps- Indian Department, 1933-42. Records of Street Part, comprising street structure documents, 1939-69. Unique data officers’ chronological data, 1932-forty-two. Appeal Part topic data files, 1934-67. Passion personnel case data, 1957-72. Unique appeal profile, 1969-79. Societal hobbies documents in accordance with medical family customers, 1969-72. Census reports and capsules, 1933-37. Private Indian account ledgers, 1951-55. Communications, records, personnel information, trachoma information, or any other details of Health Division, 1912-52. A position assistance case data, 1964-72. Tribal resolutions, moments, and ordanances, 1947-ninety. College student situation data, 1952-77.

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